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Tikkun Olam Makers

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February 11 - May 19, 2024

The Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) Global Innovation Challenge (GIC) is a competition to design, engineer, and create technology that will help a person with a disability live a more independent, fulfilling life.

Your mission is to create an open-source, affordable solution that will best solve a challenge faced be a person with a disability or their family. 


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*Registration for the GIC will remain open until May 1

Learn more about the GIC timeline and expectations on the "Your GIC Project" Page.


Four Grand Prizes of $3,000 will be awarded to each winner of this year's special tracks 

We will be giving $3,000 to each Grand Prize winner 

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Sports & Outdoors

Daily Living

Emergency & Rehabilitation

Music & Arts

Three Prizes of $1,000 will be awarded to each winner in the following categories

1_0000_noun-inclusive-3814070-FFFFFF 16.04.44.png
1_0002_noun-accessible-2058974-FFFFFF 16.04.44.png
1_0001_noun-documentation-1890359-FFFFFF 16.04.44.png


inclusive design




accessible design

*Additional prizes may be announced at a later time


Jeffrey Ebin.jpg

Dr. Jeffrey Ebin
Emergency Room Physician, founder of Ebcore assistive technology company

Ilona Lev.jpg

Ilona Lev
Industrial Designer; Lecturer and mentor at Holon Institute of Technology

Dana Gur.jpeg

Dana Gur-Gelbard
Industrial Designer, Customer Experience & Project Manager at Matrix Experience.

Winner, 2021 & 2022
TOM Global Innovation Challenges

Alexander Geht.jpg

Alex Geht

Industrial Designer,
Testa-Seat Founder and CEO, 

TOM: Pittsburgh Coordinator

412 Ability Tech Innovation Board

Noam Platt.jpg

Noam Platt

Healthcare architect and
founder of Make Good INC

Winner, 2021 TOM Global Innovation Challenge

Maayan Kahana.jpg

Maayan Kahana
Product Designer

katie levine.jpeg

Katie Levine
Industrial Designer and
creative learning expert

Dana Yichye Shwachman, Product Design Lead, TOM Global (1).jpg

Dana Yichye-Shwachman
Industrial Designer; TOM Head designer; Lecturer at HIT -
Holon Institute of Technology

Yael Avni.jpg

Yael Avni
Industrial Designer; Instructor and head of MADE research lab at HIT -

Veronica Alfaro.jpg

Veronica Alfaro
Senior Design Technologist at NYU Langone Health

Marina Gabinsky.jpeg

Marina Gabinsky

Neuro-developmental physiotherapist and Industrial Designer Ergonomist and HF consultant at ED&U

Winner, 2021 TOM Global Innovation Challenge


Jaume Sanchez
Industrial Engineer, Founder of 3DThinks, TOM Barcelona Community Manager, Winner of 2021 TOM Global Innovation Challenge.


Jeffrey Ebin.jpg

Dr. Jeffrey Ebin
ER Doctor & Assistive Tech Innovator

Founder, Ebcore

Thomas DiAgostino.jpg

Thomas Matthew Diagostino
Senior Assistive Technology Program Coordinator at TechOWL, Temple University

Or Cohen.jpeg

Or Cohen
Founder, Global Ramp

Bryce Johnson.jpg

Bryce Johnson

Principal Inclusive Designer, Microsoft Inc.



Adi Vitman.jpeg

Adi Vitman

Global Accessibility Lead, Red Hat

Nitzan Almog.webp

Dr. Nitzan Almog
Head of Inclusive Education Program, Ono Academic College

Tamara Morgan.jpg

Tamara Morgan
Community Partnerships Coordinator, Adaptive Design Association

Noam Platt.jpg

Noam Platt 
Healthcare architect and founder of Make Good INC.

Michal Rimon.png

Michal Rimon
CEO, Access Israel

Pascale Berkovichcircle.jpg

Pascale Bercovitch
Paralympic Athlete & Motivational Speaker

Alanna Raffel.jpeg

Alanna Raffel

Assistive Technology Specialist at TechOWL, Temple University

Rachel Scarboro.JPG

Rachel Scarboro
Occupational Therapist, Georgia Tech Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation


About Tikkun Olam Makers

Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) is a global venture inspired by a bold vision to help provide anyone anywhere with access to affordable solutions for their neglected needs. TOM inspires and supports a global network of communities of volunteer makers, product designers, engineers, and care professionals who engage in designing, creating, and disseminating these solutions.

Global Innovation Challenge Partners

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