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In addition to three Grand Prizes, teams will also be competing for prizes in specific areas:

1_0000_noun-inclusive-3814070-FFFFFF 16.04.44.png

Best inclusive design

1_0002_noun-accessible-2058974-FFFFFF 16.04.44.png

Best accessible design

1_0001_noun-documentation-1890359-FFFFFF 16.04.44.png

Best documentation

Additional prizes may be announced at a later time

Ellipse 1.png

Drawing Dreams

Ellipse 1.png

One-2-Go Portable Adaptive Toilet Seat

Ellipse 1.png

Talker Mount


Tamara M. Morgan.jpeg
Ellipse 429.png

Tamara Morgan 

Community Partnerships Coordinator, Adaptive Design Association

Pascale Bercovich.jpg

Pascale Bercovitch

Paralympics athlete, TV personality and international motivational speaker and corporate adviser

Jaume Sanchez.jpg
Ellipse 428.png

Jaume Sanchez 

Engineer, CEO of 3dthinks and Founder of TOM Barcelona. Winner, 2021 TOM Global Innovation Challenge

Dana Gur-Gelbard.jpeg

Dana Gur-Gelbard

Industrial Designer, Customer Experience & Project Manager at Matrix Experience. Winner, 2021 & 2022 TOM Global Innovation Challenges

Michael Hermon.JPG

Michael Hermon

Maker in Residence at, 
Serial entrepreneur 

Bryce Johnson.jpg
Ellipse 429.png

Bryce Johnson
Principal Inclusive Designer,
Microsoft Inc.

Laura Marciano.png

Laura Marciano

CEO, Eli Innovation and Co-Founder,
TOM France

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-29 at 23.22.15.jpeg
Ellipse 426.png

Nisreen Shahin

Entrepreneur, community leader,
TOM Palestine 

Noam Platt.jpg
Ellipse 429.png

Noam Platt

Healthcare architect and founder of Make Good INC. Winner, 2021 TOM Global Innovation Challenge

Katherine Raymond.jpg
Ellipse 429.png

Prof. Katherine Raymond
Associate chair and senior professor of practice in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Tulane University

Shaikha Dwa Al Khalifa.JPG

Shaikha Dwa Al Khalifa

PhD Candidate, Portsmouth University. Former lecturer, Royal University of Women. Former captain of the Bahrain Women’s National Football team  

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-16 at 16.19.44.jpeg

Lamia Housni

Innovation & Creativity Enthusiast I Entrepreneurship Catalyst

Ellipse 429.png

Robert Zacharias

Assistant Teaching Professor, IDeATe Center, manager of the IDeATe Physical Computing Lab, Carnegie Mellon University

David Dakovic .jpeg
Ellipse 427.png

David Dakovich

Maker and Product Development Expert. TOM Serbia Country Manager

Sawsan Masarwa.jpg

Sawsan Masarwa

Designer, Educator, Social Entrepreneur in Israeli-Arab communities


About the 2023 TOM Global Innovation Challenge

The 2023 TOM Global Innovation Challenge is a competition among teams who have a passion to design, engineer, and create technological solutions that help others. Makers, engineers, students, designers, and care specialists will form teams that compete to create affordable, open-source solutions designed to address challenges people with disabilities are facing in their daily lives. Teams have the option to compete with new projects or submit existing solutions they previously developed.


For this year’s TOM Global Innovation Challenge we decided to incentivize the creation of solutions related to sports and athletic activity with special prizes. Teams who develop sports-related solutions may choose to focus on two main areas:


Solutions that will help make popular recreational and leisure sports more accessible

for people with disabilities


Assistive devices that will help a specific athlete or team qualify for and compete in the

2024 Paralympic Games in Paris. 


Please see how it works for more details about sports-related projects. 

 Special Recognition Award

Screen Shot 2023-05-25 at 12.34.19.png

Digitus - Typing Prosthesis

A bracelet with an adaptable connection that can securely and efficiently allow the user to type and use his mouse in the computer.

Screen Shot 2023-05-25 at 12.39.23.png

Project ILU - Adaptiver stylus

A customized modular learning system that focuses on improving his non-verbal communication through an iPad.

Screen Shot 2023-05-25 at 12.22.57.png

HappyWalk - Adaptive Walker

Low-cost, adjustable pediatric walker made of wood and 3D-printed plastic parts.

Bank Hapoalim Community Award:

2208019a לוגו בנקאות חברתית - אנגלית (1).png
Screen Shot 2023-05-25 at 12.45.16.png

Jona - Wheelchair Seat Belt for Riding Toddlers

A belt that allows a wheelchair user to strap a toddler on their lap.

Category Winners

Screen Shot 2023-05-25 at 12.51.35.png

Best Inclusive Design
Handle It- Specialty Kitchenware with Adaptive grip

A set of serving dishes with customized, comfortable, and easy to hold handles.

Screen Shot 2023-05-25 at 13.02.12.png

Best Accessible Design
WMDT - Washing Machine Dial Turner

A socket on the end of a handle. The socket at the end of a handle that fits over the dial of a washing machine and can be easily turned with the help of the handle.

Screen Shot 2023-05-25 at 13.05.26.png

Best Documentation Page Turner - assistive reading device

A book holder equipped with a mechanism that can lift and turn a page. It is activated with eye detection using a USB webcam connected to a laptop.


Your GIC Project

Many people with disabilities and their families face challenges in almost every aspect of daily lives ranging from personal care, mobility, and the household to art, music, sports, and more. Your GIC project must address one (or more) of these challenges.


You will need to assemble your team, find a person with a disability, family member or caregiver (we call them “Need Knowers”), investigate their challenge, and develop a solution that best answers their needs.


The GIC is open for new and existing solutions which must be documented using TOM’s Project Editor following the TOM development process. The final submission (your Prototype and pitch video) will be evaluated and scored by the judges.

Assemble your team

Find a challenge

Create your solution

Submit for judging

Project Tracks

This year’s GIC features multiple tracks of projects. Each of the GIC projects should fall under one of these tracks which participants will choose during registration:


Sports & Outdoors

Solutions or assistive devices that will help make recreational and leisure sports more accessible for people with disabilities or help an athlete or team take part in competitions.


Humanitarian Response

Solutions or devices that provide assistance to people with disabilities in crisis situations such as natural disasters, war, displacement, injury, and recovery. 

Group 1366_2x.png

Music & Arts

Solutions or assistive devices that will help people with disabilities play a musical instrument or take part in any artistic activity such as painting, dance, and other forms of art.


Daily Living (general category)

Solutions that address the needs of a person with a disability in their daily lives in areas such as mobility, accessibility, household chores, personal hygiene, the workplace, and more.

A Grand Prize will be awarded to the best project in each track (see prizes below).

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