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In addition to three Grand Prizes, teams will also be competing for prizes in specific areas:

1_0000_noun-inclusive-3814070-FFFFFF 16.04.44.png

Best inclusive design

1_0002_noun-accessible-2058974-FFFFFF 16.04.44.png

Best accessible design

1_0001_noun-documentation-1890359-FFFFFF 16.04.44.png

Best documentation

Additional prizes may be announced at a later time

Ellipse 1.png

Drawing Dreams

Ellipse 1.png

One-2-Go Portable Adaptive Toilet Seat

Ellipse 1.png

Talker Mount


About the 2023 TOM Global Innovation Challenge

The 2023 TOM Global Innovation Challenge is a competition among teams who have a passion to design, engineer, and create technological solutions that help others. Makers, engineers, students, designers, and care specialists will form teams that compete to create affordable, open-source solutions designed to address challenges people with disabilities are facing in their daily lives. Teams have the option to compete with new projects or submit existing solutions they previously developed.


For this year’s TOM Global Innovation Challenge we decided to incentivize the creation of solutions related to sports and athletic activity with special prizes. Teams who develop sports-related solutions may choose to focus on two main areas:


Solutions that will help make popular recreational and leisure sports more accessible

for people with disabilities


Assistive devices that will help a specific athlete or team qualify for and compete in the

2024 Paralympic Games in Paris. 


Please see how it works for more details about sports-related projects. 

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